22nd September, Indonesia - 5 Polytechnics and 1 Community College, with a total of 8 lecturers and 7 students who were self-sponsored, arrived in Palembang for a one day CSR TVET English Programme. This programme was proposed and organized by Polytechnic Melaka and extended to 4 other polytechnics namely PIS, PPD, PSA, PTSN  and Pagoh Community College. This collaboration with the other polytechnics was a strategy to reduce the cost of the individual polytechnic, encourage collaboration among polytechnics, as well as, help students to develop their language and generic skills. Although the student facilitators’ main task was to become facilitators, they were also assigned to do broadcasting in English during the cultural visit.


The CSR English Programme was held in Sriwijaya State Polytechnic(POLSRI) on the 24th with 79 students participating in 5 different station games. Each station game was prepared and run by lecturers and student facilitators. The games incorporated different language skills such as speaking, listening, sentence formation, reading and idioms. The PMK innovation ‚ÄėWhat Say You‚Äô was also introduced. The duration of the station games was two and a half hours. At noon, students were given feedback forms to fill, followed by a friendly ASEAN Parliamentary Debate with each team consisting of a student from PMK, POLSRI and PIS. PMK facilitators were also required to interview 2 POLSRI students as part of their broadcasting task. Feedback of the programme was very encouraging and it was hoped that a similar activity could be carried out next year.

Report by: Marina Abu Bakar



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