The¬† ‚ÄėWHAT SAY YOU‚Äô, is a 2 in 1 concept consisting of 2 boards that allow it to be played among 2-40 students/players.¬† A set consists of¬† Board 1(to be played by 2 to 6 people), Board 2(to be played in groups up to 40 people), a dice, 6 tokens and 270 cards (6 categories) including the penalty cards. The 6 different¬† categories consist of Sentence level, One Word Topics, Choose One, Picture This, What‚Äôs your view and Wild Cards. Players are required to speak for 2 minutes or pick the penalty card. The penalty card functions as a form of punishment and motivation for players to push themselves to the limit. Constant playing allows incidental learning to take place , hence,¬† enabling students to gain confidence and reduce the anxiety of speaking. The unique¬† thing about the game is that, it can easily¬† be adapted and played¬† independently by proficient and less proficient learners with the absence of lecturers. It is suitable to be played by all ages and proficiency level. It can be used as a teaching tool¬†or just for entertainment. It is affordable and portable and can be played anywhere and anytime.




Specification product

Board size : 31.5 cm x 23.8 cm.

Thick : 3 cm


Content product

·         1 unit Board 1

·         1 unit Board 2

·         1 Dice

·         6 Tokens

·         270 Cards



Cost per unit RM85.00

Delivery cost  per unit by courier (poslaju) RM10.00.

Delivery cost per unit by package (pos bungkusan) RM7.00


Contact person


MARINA BTE ABU BAKAR              019-6564881




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Astro Awani 16/02/2017 






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