30 DECEMBER 2014, MELAKA - It was encouraging to see more than 40 students registered for the ’What Say You’ competition. Only 4 students had played the game prior to the competition. An explanation of the game and an example of how to elaborate ideas were carried out before the start of the competition. Students played in pairs and were then divided into 3  main categories namely semester 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and 5 and 6.


Each student  underwent 3 rounds. In the first round students had to speak for 1 minute based on the topic where the arrow stopped, and in rounds 2 and 3 students spoke for 2 minutes. Prizes were given to each category based on the total marks accumulated by each pair. The competition lasted 3 hours. Some students showed great potential but needed polishing, as it was the first time they had played the game. A similar game was played with lecturers of average level of proficiency,  where each department sent 1-2 pairs. It was more challenging for the lecturers as in round 1, the lecturers spoke for 1 minute to be familiar with the game and preparation time, while in rounds 2 and 3, the lecturers spoke for 2 and 3 minutes respectively without any preparation time. Both students and lecturers who took part should the ability to speak spontaneously , however, the lecturers were more organized in their thought and ideas development and were able to cope better when lost for words. This competition showed that the lecturers whose proficiency level were average, were able to push themselves to speak the English language although language structures and grammar can be improved. It is hoped that the participants had fun playing the game and would be motivated to play the game more often and not during competition or as a class activity only.



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