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Disediakan oleh: Marina binti Abu Bakar


12 October , A Famosa Safari Park‚Äď The General Studies Department in collaboration with the English Language Society took ‚ÄėImpromptu speaking‚Äô to a different level when they spent the day at the A Famosa Safari Park in Melaka last Saturday. Located on 150 acres of pristine surroundings, the AFamosa Animal World Safari is an amazing wildlife Safari that houses over 100 of the finest species from the animal kingdom. 30 students who were active in English activities, accompanied by 2 lecturers Pn Marina Abu Bakar and Miss Adlena Hany had an eye opening day when they had the opportunity to interact and touch different species of animals. Touching and stroking animals such as camels, ponies, Burmese Python, rabbits, porcupines, elephants, different species of monkeys and other animals got the students really excited as they discovered the texture of the skin and fur of the different animals. Apart from that, sitting in a caged truck and travelling on a roller coaster ride through the open lairs and watching in amazement as they encounter majestic tigers, lions, giraffes, camels, zebras, elephants and other creatures roaming freely in the Safari Park was also a fun experience. Students were also entertained with educational shows such as the elephant show, bird show, multi animal show and the humorous Wild Wild West Stunt Shows and were stunned with the loud shots and explosions released during the show.


The Safari Park provides an informal setting for students to gain confidence to speak in public. By using the animals and the setting as stimulus, 5 students were asked to speak about a given topic with no preparation. For every stop made at a new location, 5 students were asked to draw the topics and speak. It is clear that students do try and speak in English, however they lack creativity and vocabulary. Maturity also played a role in the way students responded to the stimulus.

The impromptu workshop was successful in providing students with the knowledge about the different species of animals , provide a platform for students to express themselves as well as promote Melaka. 5 students have been identified as potential public speakers for future competitions and will be given more exposure and training. The students also proved they were listening to the explanations given during the shows as they were able to answer pop quiz questions throughout the day enabling them to win a few prizes. It was indeed a fruitful and fun day for the students and a worthwhile incentive for those students who have actively been participating in English activities.

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